Join me Wednesday August 24, 2016 at 8:00pm via conference call for a special presentation of Institute of Bible Prophecy: The Shekhinah Glory Past, Present, And Future.

This will be a life altering teaching. Invite others to this special presentation. We will learn about the Glory of God.

Time: 8:00pm Eastern

Dial: 712-775-7031

Code: 401481

Please invite others to learn about the Shekhinah Glory past, 

present, and future.

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The Institute of Bible Prophecy exists to help Christians understand the prophecies in the Bible as they relate to the end times. The theological term for the study of end times is eschatology. It’s imperative for Christians to understand eschatology and be able to discern the times.

There are many views if eschatology held by very genuine Spirit filled Christians, but the fact of the matter is not all views of eschatology are correct. A good question is: Why study Bible prophecy. Another question: What view is correct. We will answer the former concretely, and the latter we will answer prayerfully and scholarly. However, we admonish ALL Bible students to study for themselves (2nd Timothy 2:15).

This site, our radio broadcast, and our free seminary level Bible Prophecy course are designed to help you think for yourself. You are invited to ask questions, ask more questions, and ask many more questions. The best way to learn Bible prophecy is to dialogue with someone versed in Bible prophecy. Well, the Institute of Bible Prophecy is here for you.

Please read our pages and ask questions. If you find a site or webpage and you want to discuss it, send us a web link and let’s discuss it. The Institute of Bible Prophecy takes a Pre-tribulational approach to Bible prophecy; however, we can dialogue about any position.

If you really want to learn Bible prophecy, consider learning one-on-one with Himie. Please see the page Bible Prophecy Course for more information.

Finally, stay current with daily news and current affairs with one of the world’s leading Bible prophecy pundits Jimmy DeYoung. Let’s dialogue about the daily news or current affairs.

I look forward to learning with you.

Dr. Himie Pickett
Institute of Bible Prophecy